Lesson 1 | Change Management

Lesson One Overview:

Take a look at the House of Lean in the material section of this course. Notice how the foundation of Lean are the tools that Stabilize and Standardize any process or operation. Without stability, and standards being followed, it will be hard to determine what change is needed, and worse yet, if our changes actually made either a positive or negative change. If we consider the psychological aspect of communication and change, we can greatly improve our chances of a successful change initiative in our organization.


Suggested Activities and Homework:

Reflect on the psychological aspect of communicating change & discuss with your coach on how to prevent negative reactions. Use the Prosci Change Management Model to discuss maturity level within your organization

In the Materials tab above this lesson’s video are some suggested downloads to help you learn how to better utilize Change Management.

  • Download Tools/Assets from the Materials Tab.
  • Review with your coach on the best ways to implement these tools.

Questions to Ask:

  • Are you explaining the why & how when communicating change?
  • Does your organization have a change management model?
  • What level are you at now? What steps can you take to increase it?