Homework – Day 5

Click the link below to download the Project Report Out Deck.

Take your project from the Measure and Analyze phase to the Improve and Control phase. ( This should be reflected in the project report out deck)

Watch this Process Behavior Chart Video:

Watch this video on Process Behavior Charts:

Watch this video on Process Capability Analysis:


Complete a Gantt Chart or Timeline for your green belt project, if not already done .

Your final homework is to prepare for the Green Belt exam and then take the ILSSI Accredited exam online.

It is an OPEN BOOK exam.   100 multiple choice questions.   2 hours.

( If you for any reason fail your first attempt,  send me an email and you will be set you up for a re-take at no extra charge.)

Your Green Belt exam is on your EXAM DASHBOARD in the ILSSI website.

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